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Latest News
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Universal controller

Advantages and potential:
1 independent software copyright, according to the different use of the environment to adjust the parameters, the maximum efficiency for light - electricity - energy conversion!

2 kinds of function for the user to choose, full power, half power, single period, multi-period, single, dual and so on.

3 the real multistage PWM charging mode, effectively extending the service life of battery!

4 with over charge, over discharge, short circuit, overload protection, electronic; reverse connection preventing and perfect protection function!

5 temperature adaptation range is more wide (50 degrees -70 degrees C ), and with temperature compensation program, controller in charge and discharge control automatically adapt to the current temperature, the effective protection of the battery.

6 the dial setting mode, the operation is convenient. Use wide terminal, convenient and reliable in installation engineering. To solve the traditional narrow terminal controller installation is inconvenient, especially easy short circuit and the problem such as line.

7 independent appearance of patent and invention patent!

8 " booking" model for customers with special needs ( beyond and above the routine functions ), according to customer requirements of the function before the factory set.

■     Technical parameters table
Rated charging current
System voltage
Overload, short circuit protection
More than 3times the current hardware circuit protection,With three to1.5 times the software protection overload protection.
No load loss

Less than or equal to 10 mA

Working temperature

- 50- + 70degrees C.

Over charge recovery
13.3V; ×2/24V
Temperature compensation
Over discharge voltage
11.1V; ×2/24V
Put back
12.8V; ×2/24V
Charging mode
Multistage PWM
Protection grade
Load capacity
Our company can according to customer demand for adjustment of the parameters.
■     The system connection diagram
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