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Latest News
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Power controller


The advantage of

1 The 1controller applicable to large independent photovoltaic power generation system.

2 The 2eliminated the traditional controller of backward technology, a new software and hardware technology.

3 Independent design and production, can according to the actual needs of customers set, realize the diversification of function.

4 Has a perfect protection function, stability, reliability, will become the first choice for customers.

5 thousands of practice test, intelligent SOC algorithm, precise control of the entire system charge and discharge;

6 multistage PWM charging mode, ensure the charging saturation, effectively prolongs the service life of the accumulator;

7 The 7interface is simple, to avoid the key combination, ordinary customers to quickly grasp;

8 smart chip real time acquisition system data, power-down save data recording;

9 with 485interface, general Modbus protocol, allowing the user to read and write data and parameters;

10 optional external temperature sensor.

■    Technical parameters table
Rated current
40A ;60A ; 80A ; 100A; 120A
Rated voltage
Over charge protection
14.4V ;N*14.4(N=2、4、18)
Over discharge voltage
11.1V ;N*11.1((N=2、4、18)
Put back
12.8V ;N*12.8((N=2、4、18)
No load loss

Less than or equal to 20mA

Working temperature

- 25 degrees to +55 degrees C.

Protection type
reverse connection protection, overvoltage protection,over discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection
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