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    Beijing Putairisheng Sun new energy science and technology limited company is located in the scenic city of Beijing Fengtai Science Park ( Headquarters ), is a national and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises, specialized in solar energy, wind energy power generation. Set the development, production, sales in one. Team members include photovoltaic experts, electrical experts, researchers, senior engineer, electronic information and other technical personnel. Business Fan Wai includes: PV module design, production, sales; solar, wind power control series design, production, sales; grid, off-grid PV application system design, sales and installation.

    Companies in a variety of photovoltaic grid-connected and independent power systems engineering design, construction installation, engineering and maintenance has accumulated a mature technology and rich experience, for different users in the complex environment to provide high-quality, reliable system solutions. Long term for the State Grid intelligent, railway signal transmission system, energy saving and emission reduction, construction of troops institutions at all levels of green construction industry to provide quality services, with excellent product quality and performance, and good after sale service, among the forefront of photovoltaic industry.

    " Founding integrity, technology Societe Generale" business approach is increasingly deep Pu Tai culture part, continued technological development and innovation to bring exuberant vitality. General Thai bloom record so far, is committed to the development of new technology of solar energy, to quickly adapt to market demand, continue to deliver incomparable value!

    The company through continuous technical innovation, system optimization, continuous improve the competitiveness of the industry, solar energy, wind energy, to be inexhaustible, inexhaustible, everywhere green energy into the tens of thousands of households, human create a better tomorrow contributions!

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The off-grid Stations
Grid-connected Stations
Wind and Solar power Monitoring
Solar power Monitoring
Solar power Communication station
Solar / scenery complementary street lamp
Bus stop solar power supply
Light box、Corridor lighting、Others
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